Delaware Al-Anon

The Al-Anon program is based on the 12 suggested steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which we try, little by little, one day at a time, to apply to our lives, along with our slogans and the serenity prayer. The loving interchange of help among members and daily reading of Al-Anon literature thus makes us ready to receive the priceless gift of serenity

Photo by gustavofrazao/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by gustavofrazao/iStock / Getty Images

Members of Al-Anon learn to live happily regardless of whether the alcoholic is still drinking. They learn to cope with feeling angry, guilty, overwhelmed and alone. They learn that alcoholism is a disease, and not a disgrace. Sharing experience, strength and hope shows other members they are not alone. We learn to put the focus on ourselves, and to reclaim our lives. Al-Anon is a powerful tool in the recovery process!

Service opportunities

  • Area 8 Treasurer - Needs to be able to make both assembly meetings and most AWSC meetings. Good with numbers, familiar with Excel and simple tax filing. Prepare a budget and make frequent bank deposits. Interested? Email here.
  • AIS Secretary - Someone to take minutes at 5 meetings both over the phone and in person. Familiar with Word. Able to email the document to all attendees from AIS meeting. Want to give it a try for our February meeting? Email here.

Al-Anon has three Legacies:

  • Recovery through the Steps - Individual's personal growth
  • Unity through the Traditions - Help Al-Anon groups sustain unity
  • Service through the Concepts - Guide us in service to carry the message to others.

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